Garden Party Planning Checklist

What’s a garden party without any guests? Make sure to plan well in advance to ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Who do you want to come? Also, always invite 20% more people than you can physically fit in to your garden – there’s always a few who won’t show up!

Decide on a theme

What décor should you consider? You can buy some relatively cheap accessories for your event to make things feel more homely. Make sure all your garden furniture is set to fit the theme appropriately. Think colour and style.

Stock up on food and drink

One of the most important aspects of your garden party! Remember to ask each individual in advance if they have any allergies or particular dietary needs. You could perhaps do this at invitation stage.

Give your house and garden a deep clean

There’s no doubt about it, things will get messy during the party (depending on how much alcohol is consumed!) but first impressions matter. Go from top to toe and get that feather duster out.

Make sure the bathroom, garden and kitchen are spotless. These are the focal points of your house where people will often gather and chat.

Hire garden furniture

Your garden furniture is going to be another focal point to your party. Stunning seating and affordable benches or tables are the key to your garden party being a hit.

You may want to think about garden seats, picnic tables, aluminium chairs and trestle tables.

The best idea is to hire garden furniture so you can give it straight back afterwards – saves you the hassle of storage!



Don’t forget to let the neighbours know

The last thing you want to happen is your garden party getting called off because the police arrive due to noise and disruption.

Tell everyone in your street what you have planned so they are aware and will most likely be more accommodating to disturbance because you had the grace to let them know beforehand.


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