Weddings in 2021 – Trends, Tips

A wedding is a chance to celebrate a major milestone. You and your spouse are throwing a big party and you want everyone to be right there with you. If you’re making plans for a wedding in the new year, you’ll want to know what’s happening in the… Continue Reading

15 Wedding Gift List FAQs

Planning a wedding can mean juggling a lot of tasks, and knowing whether to create a wedding gift list, what sorts of items to put on it, and what to do when plans change can be daunting. Below are 10 frequently asked questions about wedding gift lists, and… Continue Reading

How Weddings Have Changed Over the Years

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The Perfect Long Table Wedding Reception

Although round tables are considered classic at weddings, there are reasons long tables are coming back. Long tables are often referred to as banquet tables. They are beautiful, romantic, magical and ideal for smaller weddings. You can plan your seating arrangement so much easier since you will not… Continue Reading