Frequently Asked Questions

Are your prices excluding or including VAT?

All the prices shown on our hire website are excluding VAT which is currently 20%.

How much is delivery and collection ?

We are happy to deliver nationally and internationally.
Delivery costs are worked out from your delivery postcode / weight / volume – therefore the further away you are the higher the delivery cost will be.
On the quote request form it asks you for a postcode or town so we can work out the transport costs.
We are based in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire LE14 3RD.

Is there a minimum order?

No, we often get families just wanting a couple of chairs and an extra table for a Christmas meal and that is fine with us.

Do we need to pay a deposit ?

No, we do not require a deposit of any sort.

Can I self collect ?

Yes, you can self collect from 8:00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday, as long as we have a booking from you, this way we have a chance to get all the furniture out ready.
We do not charge any admin fee for self collections.

Cancellation charges

Up to 2 weeks prior to the event there are no cancellation charges
8- 14 days prior to the event will be charged at 50% of the total
4-7 working days prior to the event will be charged at 75% of the total
0-3 working days prior to the event will be charged at 100% of the total

When and how do I pay ?

We need payment in full 72 hours before the delivery. Please don’t pay any earlier if you think you may be changing the number of items you may require.
You can pay electronically (all the details are on the booking sheet) or you can call and pay by card.
If you are self collecting, you can pay by cash or card or instant bank transfers when you come to collect.

Changing quantities

We are happy for you to change the amount of items as many times as you need up to the time of the vehicle being loaded, after which extra charges may apply.

Hire duration?

All our rates quoted are for up to one week hire – you are welcome to have the items for less days but the price will remain the same as most of the price involved is preparing the furniture and loading/unloading which all need to be done regardless or whether it is for 1 day or 7 days.

We can do special rates for long term hire, please ask one of our sales team and they will be happy to supply you with a quote for this..

Amount of people seated at a 6’ trestle table

3 people down each side so : 6 people in total.

Extra charges

You will be charged in full for any losses or furniture which is damaged beyond repair.

We don’t usually apply any extra charges for cleaning or wine spills etc but if all the cushions come back with muddy footprints on them or dirty which is well beyond what would be expected, then we do reserve the right to apply a cleaning charge.

Do you sell your furniture?

Yes, we do sell most of the items we hire. Please see

I’m trying to add items to a quote and it won’t add to the basket.

If you are on a mobile phone or a tablet, check to see that you have ‘cookies’ enabled . This is generally the issue.