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For any kind of event or party, hiring the right kind of glasses is important and every party needs a good supply of glasses.

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Hiring The Right Glassware For Your Event

Glassware, in particular, is incredibly important and something that is rather tricky depending on the type of bar / service the event is offering. Open Bars require a large range of glasses, whilst a limited bar, say wine, beer and soft drinks requires a select amount of glasses. No matter what kind of bar or service you are providing, you need to have the right kind of glassware.

Different types of glasses tend to correlate to different drinks, and people have come to expect their preferred drinks in particular types of glasses. Yes you could serve a cocktail in hi ball or half a pint in a tumbler for a family Christmas party but it might not work for a corporate party or wedding.

What Kind Of Glasses Do You Need

Making a list of all the types of glassware that you will need for your event is essential and should be included in your event planning.

1. Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are an essential part of the experience of drinking wine, and people often don’t want to drink this in anything other than a wine glass. If you are planning to serve wine at your party, it is important to get the right kind of wine glasses to go with them.

All wine glasses have a wide mouth with a rounded wide body. They tend to have a long elongated neck with a rounded base. The type of wine glass that you choose will depend on the kind of wine that you are serving. If you are serving any kind of white wine, you are going to have to offer it in a shorter wine glass that has a smaller mouth. The reason for this is because white wine doesn’t require as much oxidation as other types of wine.

Red wine, on the other hand, is mainly served in wine glasses that have a wider mouth and which are larger in size. This is because red wine often needs to go through a process of oxidation after it has been poured from the bottle to reach its peak taste.

If you are planning to serve any kind of sparkling wine or champagne at your party, flute glasses are a must. Flute glasses tend to be long and narrow and don’t have a very wide stem. This is mainly to ensure that minimal oxidation takes place, and also ensures that the champagne or sparkling wine doesn’t go flat.



2. Beer Glasses

Having the right kind of beer glasses is important for any kind of event and depending on the event, also a legal requirement. Just like wine glasses, there are different types of beer glasses specially made for different types of beer.

One of the most popular types of glassware that is used for beer is a pint glass. Most bars tend to serve beer in this type of glass, which is also why having this at your event can make serving beer significantly easier. The reason these glasses are used for beer traces back to the bars that people would go to in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The shape of these glasses meant that bartenders would have an easier time cleaning them, and would be able to easily stack them up to serve to the patrons coming to them. Today, the pint glass is a standard for serving beer and is something that you should definitely consider adding to your glassware inventory.



Pilsner Glasses are another type that glass that has become incredibly popular for the purpose of serving beer. These glasses are thinner and taller and hold approximately fourteen ounces of beer. The glass is known for having a wider rim, which is perfect to retain the foam that beer generally has. The sleek body of the glass is meant to elevate the colour and carbonation of the beer. This type of glass is generally used for lighter beers and ales.

3. Cocktail Glasses

Cocktails are one of the most loved drinks at parties and events, and guests always like having a mix of their choice when they want to relax and have a good time. Different types of cocktails tend to be served in different types of glasses, and having this is important if you plan to serve a range of cocktails at your party. It is important to have a good mix if you are unsure of what your guests are more likely to drink.

Martini glasses are the first kind that you should get when trying to create an inventory of glassware for your party. If you plan to serve more innovative cocktails at your party and are planning to come up with a custom list of alcoholic beverages, coupe glasses are the ones that you should consider having. These glasses have a broad and shallow bowl at the top of the glass with a longer stem and base. These glasses also work for a variety of cocktails which is why they are a good choice to have at your party or event.



If you plan to serve tropical cocktails or those that have a high mixer to alcohol ratio, highball glasses are a must. These particular types of glasses are ideal for serving things like mojitos, gin fizz and long island ice teas. These glasses tend to be wide and long so that they can easily incorporate the right amount of mixer as compared to the alcohol that is used. These glasses can also be used for a wide range of cocktails, which is why it is important to have in your glassware inventory.



Shot Glasses can be simple and sleek, or fun and unique. No matter what way you decide to go, they are a must for anyone who plans to serve alcohol at an event or party. Shot glasses tend to hold 1 and a half ounce and is generally made of thicker glass to prevent any kind of cracks or breakage as it is slammed down after the person takes a shot. These glasses can hold a multitude of different liquors and any kind of classic shot recipes. These glasses also enable bartenders to aptly measure the amount that they are supposed to give each person with every drink, thereby enabling a more efficient bar system at your event or party.

Special Glasses

Sometimes, event planners tend to incorporate a theme into the event or party that they are hosting, and this often includes a themed drink to go with it. In the instance where on has a special kind of drink that is being offered, having a special glass to go with it is important. The glass that one chooses should be in accordance with what the drink contains and the kind of beverage that it is. Even if your party doesn’t have a special drink to go with it, there are a number of beverage options that require a unique glass. Choosing something that is in keeping with what you are offering is always important when creating a glassware inventory and ensures that you are well equipped in the event where your guests do ask for these kinds of drinks.

Hiring Glasses For Your Event

If you are hosting an event and looking to hire glasses, there are a few things that you are going to have to do before you set out to place your order. For one, you need to know the number of people that are going to be attending your event. While you won’t always know the exact number, having an estimation is good enough. You will also need to make a list of the kind of drinks that you are planning to serve so that you can formulate an estimate of the different kinds of glasses that you are going to need.

Table seated events dictate the amount of glasses needed for the tables – 1 type of glass per table seating and dependant on selection. Normally white wine, red wine and water glass, with a flute for speech or toast.

The bar should allow for an additional fresh glass for each guest – depending on the size of glasswasher.

Allow 2 drinks per person for the first hour and one per person, per hour for the following hours of the event.

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