Maintaining Your Banqueting Chair Inventory

Maintaining your inventory of banqueting chairs is crucial for any event venue, catering business, or hospitality service. Your chairs are not just functional elements; they play a significant role in your business. Regular maintenance and care of banqueting chairs ensure they remain in excellent condition, and as one of the country’s largest event furniture hire companies, we know a thing or two about maintaining your inventory.

Maintaining Your Banqueting Chair Inventory - BE Event Furniture Hire

Moving your Banqueting Chairs

Investing in a chair trolley is a must!

A chair trolley holds between 8 and 10 chairs at a time, with some manufacturers making trolleys that can manage 10 to 15 chairs, but in our experience, this is mainly staff-dependent. Chair linking clips are an overlooked accessory, but by combining the use of chair trolleys and linking clips, you are significantly reducing scratching and dents to your frames.

Upholstery Care and Restoration

Begin with vacuuming to eliminate loose debris; we like the Henry Hoover upholstery attachment. Use commercial fabric cleaners for a thorough cleaning, testing on inconspicuous areas first to ensure colour-fastness. Stronger cleaning methods should be verified with the manufacturer, and harsh chemicals like bleach should be avoided to prevent damage.

The next approach to revitalise banqueting furniture upholstery is often replacement. This offers a quick and effective but not the cheapest way to rejuvenate the appearance of your banqueting and pub furniture.

The ideal situation would be for banqueting staff to give each chair a quick hoover before stacking, and any chairs identified with a new stain will be sprayed and cleaned immediately and left to dry before being added back to inventory.

Frame Maintenance

Steel Chair Frames:
Regular cleaning of steel frames with a light soap and water solution helps remove surface dirt and residue. It’s important to use non-abrasive cleaners to avoid damaging powder-coated finishes. Periodic disinfection with standard cleaners is also recommended.

Aluminium Chair Frames:
The cleaning process for aluminium frames mirrors that of steel frames. Use a sponge or soft brush with mild soap and water for cleaning. Rinse thoroughly and dry. The gloss of shiny finishes can be restored with lemon oil, metal wax or aluminium polish spray.

Micro-fibre cloths are excellent for removing fingerprints and smudges.

Regular Maintenance Checks

Despite their durable design, banqueting chairs require routine checks. Maintenance every three months is advisable for standard usage or monthly under heavy use.

Regular and careful maintenance of your banqueting chairs extends their lifespan and enhances the overall experience of your events.


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