Making Your Events More Inclusive

The world around us is filled with people from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. While you may have things in common, each person is an individual with a unique and different perspective. These ideas can be used to change the world, either on a large or… Continue Reading

Autumn Event Ideas

As the season changes to autumn, a chill enters the air, the leaves crackle and fall in burnished colours – yellow, orange, red and brown. From café and home windows waft the scent of cinnamon, mulled wine and spiced cider. The season brings many reasons to celebrate –… Continue Reading

How Do I Market My Event?

Putting together an event can be a thrilling prospect. You no doubt have high hopes and visions of many attendees enjoying themselves. Of course, to ensure that people know about your event, you have to market it. This can be the part that is tricky. No matter what… Continue Reading

Pop Up Events Guide

Over the past years, there has been an evident rise in pop-up events. From retail marketing to having experiential dining, these so-called pop-up events are completely taking over the event planning industry. Moreover, it is important to know that pop-up events are more than just a trend. Despite… Continue Reading