Christmas Party Ideas for the Small Business

With Christmas a couple of weeks away, small businesses out there also want to thank employees for job well-done by putting together a Christmas party where you and all your employees can deck the halls with boughs of holly without breaking the bank or making a mess.

Christmas Party Ideas for Small Businesses - BE Furniture Hire

Small Business Christmas Party Ideas

One way to liven the spirits and to keep everyone satisfied is with festive foods and drinks. Traditional seasonal favourites such as roast turkey, mince pies, cranberry sauce, brussels sprouts, Yorkshire pudding, and mulled wine are sure to make your employees feel satiated. Those might prove ideal for a casual sit-down Christmas dinner and if you want to keep this in house to save those additional costs, then you are going to need to hire tables and chairs. BE Event Hire offers chairs for as low as £1 exc. VAT per week and tables for as low as £2.10 exc. VAT per week.

Just make sure there are designated drivers if you decide to serve alcohol, but also have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available for those who request them. Linen napkins and tablecloths are also available in black, ivory, and white in various shapes and sizes. The tablecloths start as little as £6.5o exc. VAT per week, while the napkins start at only £0.70 exc. VAT per week.

Need to keep it a little smaller, more intimate, and less formal, then canape style nibbles could be more appropriate and convenient. Hamburgers and frankfurters are inexpensive choices, as are pigs in a blanket which are not only bite-sized but are also part of a more traditional meal. For a little bit extra money, but offset by less of a long-term cost to the planet, look for eco-friendly recyclable plates, napkins, and utensils.

Another way to spread Christmas cheer at your party is with decorations. From simple strands of tinsel, wreaths, and mistletoe to drawings and paintings with festive holiday themes, amazon or ebay are great for bulk decorations that will suit for your business and your budget. Think about the value you get for your money and think about their ability to last long enough for future Christmas parties.

If you allow your employees to bring their children, then you will have to find something to do to keep them entertained. Perhaps one of your employees will want to dress up as Father Christmas and give out gifts while asking the children what they would like. It is also a good idea to have activities on hand to keep them busy. Christmas crackers are always fun for kids, you can buy them or purchase the materials to make them: tissue paper, wrapping paper, and a bag full of prizes small enough to fit inside. And don’t forget secret santa gifts, keep the budget low.

If you are new to the workforce, just ask a few old timers about the Christmas Jumper days. Have a contest to see whose sweater is the most garish and ridiculous-looking.

Even a karaoke contest may prove enjoyable if your employees want something they can all partake in that isn’t necessarily specific to Christmas, as long as some of them actually know how to sing.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you think creatively about ways to use even the most modest of budgets wisely in order to throw a small business Christmas party your employees are sure to remember for years to come.

Christmas Furniture Hire

Whatever you theme or event you choose for your Christmas Party, BE is here for you through out the festive period with all your Christmas furniture hire requirements.

Whatever theme or party-idea you choose, we hope you and your employees all have a great time!


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