White Picket Fence Hire for ‘Lifestyle’ Events

Creating a visually appealing and functional space is paramount in the dynamic world of event organisation. White picket fences, particularly those made from high-quality PVC, have emerged as a popular solution for décor and crowd control.

Traditionally, white picket fences have been synonymous with charm and elegance. Their crisp, clean lines offer a visually pleasing alternative to standard crowd control options like post-and-rope or stretch barriers. When used in events, these fences serve a practical purpose and enhance the overall ambience. Whether it’s a wedding, a corporate event, or a VIP gathering, the classic look of a white picket fence adds a touch of sophistication.

White PVC picket fences are incredibly versatile and can be used in a myriad of ways:

  • Creating Pop-Up Spaces:
    Ideal for defining temporary event spaces, shops, or exhibitions.
  • Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions:
    They add a romantic and structured element to outdoor weddings.
  • Defining VIP or Restricted Areas:
    Perfect for creating exclusive areas while maintaining an open, inviting look.
  • Event Space Definition:
    Useful in moulding space according to the specific layout of an event.
  • Pathway Formation:
    Essential for guiding guests for ticket validation or security checks.
  • Product Launches and Corporate Events:
    Adds a professional yet inviting touch to corporate events.

Opting for PVC over traditional wood has its advantages. PVC picket fences are lightweight, durable and weather-resistant, making them a practical choice for outdoor events. Their easy-to-clean nature and longevity make them a cost-effective option for frequent event use.



White picket fences are commonly seen in:

  • VIP Areas:
    Enhancing the exclusivity of special event sections.
  • Parades:
    Offering a secure yet attractive boundary.
  • Private Events and Weddings:
    Adding a refined touch to personal celebrations.
  • Event Décor:
    Complementing the theme and style of various events.

And, of course, Christmas. You will see our white picket fence around the Kings Cross Christmas Tree every year.

White picket fences in event organisations offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional utility. Their versatility, durability, and elegant appearance make them ideal for various events, from intimate weddings to large-scale corporate functions. As an event organiser, incorporating white picket fence hire into your planning toolkit can significantly elevate the experience and satisfaction of your clients.

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