Wedding Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

During the past few years, more wedding planners have adjusted to various restrictions on travel and expenses for weddings. These adaptations find their way into every aspect of the wedding planning process. This includes the size of the guest list, the venue, the floral decisions, suppliers, entertainment and more. These emerging trends also reveal the way couples select wedding cakes, refreshments, background décor and even wedding apparel. Adapting to the new conditions required people involved in wedding planning to become increasingly more agile and flexible with their solutions.

Wedding Trends to Watch Out for in 2023 - BE Event Furniture Hire

Update: Wedding Trends for 2024

Ecologically, Health-Conscious Weddings, 2023

Wedding planners are becoming increasingly conscious of the potential for reducing their ecological impact. Many planners are drawing attention to sustainable solutions in order to meet an increase in the demand for ceremonies with a low carbon footprint. This may include using locally grown foods, powering the ceremony with renewable energy, and selecting wedding dresses and suits made from sustainable materials. Sustainable wedding may also include items like biodegradable flowers and recyclable plates.

The price tag is likely to jump a bit for the sustainable wedding option, but many couples wish to use their wedding ceremony as a commitment to increasing awareness of the ecological impact of their choices. This sets the tone for future decision while making a social commitment in front of the guests and attendees. Couples will often see the wedding as an opportunity to demonstrate their dedication to the cause of living within the means of the environment.

Ways to make a wedding more sustainable in 2023:

Environmentally conscious: Weddings can be planned in a manner that is conscious of the ecological impact of the event. This sets the tone for the couple’s future. This is also a way to raise consciousness at the ceremony. Provide reminders that the décor and flowers were selected in a manner consistent with reducing the event’s carbon footprint. The guests can be informed that many aspects of the event are sourced locally. This can include everything from the electricity to the fresh fruits and confections.

Vegan food: In the UK, around three percent of people identifies as vegan, and even larger segments of the population are attempting to cut down on meat and dairy products. Vegan and vegetarian wedding options can make a statement while still displaying a variety of dishes with colourful accents and inventive garnishes. There are many delicious vegan foods that guests might experience for the first time at the wedding. Make this an opportunity to make a case for the deliciousness of veganism.

Non-alcoholic beverages: Alcoholic drinks served as a staple at weddings for many generations; however, the option of having a wedding without intoxication is growing in popularity in the UK. The European market for non-alcoholic beers has grown to 14 percent. Companies like Gordon has produced a non-alcoholic gin with a great deal of success. Alcohol-free wines and so-called mocktails are also popular for non-alcoholic weddings.

Bridal Trends in 2023

Vintage gowns: The appeal of the vintage gown is a growing trend in 2023. Fashion designers are drawing from past styles with a creative flair that incorporates modern elements in new and intriguing ways. For example, flapper fringe can now appear on fashionable wedding dresses along with side buttons, pearls strings and other nostalgic ornaments. Art deco and modernist flairs are often incorporated into subtle wedding dress designs, which produces a stunning vintages flair. The charm of these old-world styles is created through a careful fusion of vintage glamour and modern tailoring.

Bridal wedding suit: One of the hottest trends to hit the wedding scene in 2023 is the bridal wedding suit. Elegant and well-tailored bridal suits capture a sense of chic. The sleek cuts and smart tailoring provide an atmosphere of confidence and control. This is a great choice for the woman who likes to be in charge. Keyword searches for wedding suits for women have increased by 125 percent in a recent period. During any given month, this term is searched around 10,000 times. The tailoring of the wedding suit for women is extremely important; it conveys the beauty of the bride while maintaining a sense of metropolitan fashion. Women who favour the wedding suit tend to have matching personality traits. This includes a flair for new fashions, unpredictability and an enjoyment of surprises. Accessorize the wedding suit to craft the perfect image alongside the groom.

Wedding outfit changes: Having too many options for wedding gowns can increase the difficulty brides may have in deciding on the perfect look for the big day. In cases where these decisions are too difficult, why not just decide to change outfits multiple times during the event? This is also a great solution for brides who wish to walk the aisle in a dress but prefer a wedding suit for the after-party, or vice-versa. This choice is particularly suitable for weddings that are planned to last several days or longer.

Wedding Trends for Grooms in 2023

Three major trends for grooms have already emerged, according to a lead tailor at a major menswear outlet. Distinctiveness in style while maintaining a consistent look with the other members of the wedding party is one of the leading concerns for grooms looking to the emerging trends of 2023.

Three leading trends for grooms:

1. The three-piece classic is still a major contending trend for grooms in 2023. The blue fleck is particularly appealing for grooms looking to labels like Sawyers & Hendricks to accommodate their stylistic preferences. This option also comes in boy’s sizes for the wedding party.

2. Grooms also tend to favour the dinner suit style in 2023, and this trend is set to continue. The photogenic quality of the dinner suit is of particular interest for wedding parties that plan to take great photos from all angles.

3. Grooms can also take another route to create a distinctive look. While the wedding party is wearing a blue fleck suit or dinner suit, the groom can change the colour of his jacket or waistcoat to convey a contrast with the other members of the wedding party. Popular options include patterns with dark background colours.

Floral Wedding Trends in 2023

Seasonal floral designs are ubiquitous and popular. There is an ecological statement made when displaying flowers that are already in bloom instead of flowers that are not in season. Affordable bouquets tend to be more friendly to the environment, and they create a sense of time and place. Florists can be consulted to recommend flower bouquets that are in season during your wedding.

Wedding flower options: Alternative options for wedding flowers are popular with ecologically conscious wedding planners. This includes succulents, which are versatile and resistant to droughts. This makes them ideal for use in a centrepiece design or bouquets. They do not require a lot of care, and they will not wilt before the big day. Dried flowers and faux flowers also cut down on the costs of beautiful floral designs.

Ornamentations: Add some romantic touches to the floral arrangements on any wedding table. After the main event, the mood will be festive and enchanting. Floating candles or tea lights add an element of soft romance, which can be accentuated with design elements like rose pedals in scented water. Fire, water and rose pedals create a magical atmosphere that is sure to infuse guests with their own pleasant daydreams of eternal love.

Other Trends in 2023

This year showed a dramatic shift in other important trends affecting the wedding industry. These changes are generally attributed to the need to adapt to various pressures created during the pandemic. For example, the size of the guest list was one of the most significant adaptations to occur. Smaller weddings became normal during this period, and it quickly became a new normal. This created a more intimate event that encouraged more curated experiences of the traditional wedding ceremony. In this case, the attendees are all very close to the groom and bride.

Wedding ceremonies used to take place inside a licenced venue or church in most cases; however, there has been a surge in outdoor weddings during the pandemic. The outdoor wedding was seen as safer because the virus spread quicker within enclosed spaces. Alternative ceremonies were also becoming more popular during this period, and the trend for celebrant ceremonies and alternative wedding ceremonies continues to increase in 2023.

Finally, new forms of entertainment have become increasingly popular. Wedding games, music and after-hours events improve the entertainment quality for guests. Unique experiences create lasting memories for the guests and the wedding couple, and this trend is certainly poised to increase in 2023.


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