New Years Eve Party Glass Hire

BE Event Furniture Hire now stocks a range of items and accessories for your New Years Eve Party including glassware hire.

Our New Years Eve glassware hire is a classic catering range that offers elegance to any table setting.

We offer red and white wine glasses, champagne flutes, martini and gin glasses, together with tumblers and hi balls.

New Years Eve Party Glass Hire - BE Event Furniture Hire

Glass Hire for your New Years Eve Party



Glass Hire Costs for 100 pax

The amount of glasses required will vary on the nature of the event, the bar and drinks on offer and whether the waiting staff have access to a glass washer.

For the example costing below, lets assume this event will be serving dinner (red and white wine), water on the table and evening bar will serve wine, beer and soft drinks. Glasses can also be collected and used at the evening bar.

Glasses for MealCost
100 x Red Wine Glasses£26.00
100 x White Wine Glasses£26.00
100 x Water Glasses (Hi Ball)£27.00
Glasses for BarCost
150 x Pint Glasses£33.00
100 x Half Pint Glasses£22.00
100 x Tumblers£25.00
Total Cost£159.00

If you need additional styles of glassware that we do not have listed, please ring and ask as we are adding products regularly.

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