New Rustic Barrels ready for Hire for Weddings and Events

BE Event Furniture Hire new range of rustic barrels available to hire for weddings and events.

Rustic barrels are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are incredibly versatile, providing both functionality and decoration. These barrels, are made from high-quality oak, stand about 3 feet high and 2 feet wide, offering ample space for a variety of uses.

New Rustic Barrels ready for Hire for Weddings and Events - BE Event Furniture Hire

Rustic Barrels



Rustic wood barrels exude a natural beauty that enhances any setting. Their authentic rustic finish complements other rustic furnishings and décor, making them perfect for events aiming for a natural, earthy feel.

The adaptability of rustic barrels is one of their strongest features. They can be used solely as decorative pieces or transformed into practical furniture pieces such as bars, serving tables, or display stands for flowers and glasses. This flexibility allows event planners to utilize the same pieces in multiple ways throughout the event.

Crafted from durable oak, rustic barrels can withstand frequent use, making them a reliable choice for event planners who need sturdy, yet stylish decor options. The quality of materials ensures that these barrels can be used repeatedly, providing long-term value.

Popular Uses of Rustic Barrels in Events

Rustic barrels can be integrated into event décor in several creative ways:

A rustic barrel can serve as a focal point in venue setups. Whether topped with floral arrangements or used to display event signage, these barrels help to create significant visual interest.

Enhance the functionality of your event space by using rustic barrels as tables. Options available for hire include:

Standard Rustic Wood Barrel:
Ideal for setting up a quick bar or snack table.

Rustic Wood Barrel with Poseur Table:
Features a securely fitting wooden top, perfect for high-table seating arrangements.

Rustic Wood Barrel with 6′ Bar Table:
This setup includes a 6-foot table that transforms the barrel into a full-service bar, suitable for serving drinks or buffet-style meals.

Rustic Wood Barrel with 12′ Long Table:
Ideal for larger gatherings, this configuration offers an extended table space, excellent for buffets or as a central bar area.

Rustic barrels can also act as bases for lighting setups, part of photo booth decorations, or even as unique guest book stands.

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Choosing rustic barrels for your wedding or event not only adds a touch of timeless charm but also offers practical solutions for event furniture. BE Event Hire provides a variety of rustic barrel options that promise to meet the needs of any rustic-themed event, ensuring your furniture is both beautiful and functional. With their blend of aesthetic appeal, versatility, and durability, rustic barrels are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their event’s ambiance with a piece of classic craftsmanship.


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