Ghost Chairs for Your Next Event

Event organisers are always looking for unique, stylish, and practical furniture options that can enhance the ambience of their events. With their sleek design and versatile utility, Ghost chairs have emerged as a popular choice for various types of events, including trade stands, exhibits, outdoor events, and garden parties.

Ghost chairs are a modern and innovative seating option known for their transparent and ethereal appearance. This translucent quality seamlessly blends with any décor, making them a versatile choice for event organisers. Their design is aesthetically pleasing and practical, offering comfort and durability.

BE Event Hire’s Ghost Chair Collection

BE Event Hire offers various ghost chairs catering to diverse event themes and preferences. Some of their popular options include:

  • Clear Umbria Chair:
    Ideal for a minimalist and contemporary look, these chairs can make any space feel more open and less cluttered.
  • Amber Umbria Chair:
    These chairs add a warm and inviting tone to your event space, perfect for creating a cosy yet elegant ambience.
  • Purple Umbria Chair:
    If you want to add a touch of colour and uniqueness, the purple Umbria chairs can be a striking addition to your event’s décor.



Why Choose Ghost Chairs for Your Event?

  • Versatility:
    Ghost chairs are incredibly adaptable to various event themes and settings. Whether it’s a sophisticated indoor conference or a casual outdoor gathering, these chairs fit in effortlessly.
  • Space Enhancement:
    Their transparent nature creates an illusion of more space, making them ideal for small and large venues.
  • Style Statement:
    Ghost chairs are more than just seating; they’re a style statement. They can elevate the overall look of your event, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.
  • Durability and Comfort:
    Despite their delicate appearance, ghost chairs are sturdy and comfortable. They are designed to support and provide comfort for prolonged periods, which is essential for events.

Specifications of BE Event Hire’s Ghost Chairs:

Height: 79 cm
Width: 59 cm
Seat Height: 45 cm
Weight: 4 KG

These dimensions ensure the chairs are suitable for a wide range of guests, providing comfort and functionality.

Ghost Chairs in Your Event Design

When planning your event, consider how ghost chairs can complement your design scheme. Here are some ideas:

  • Trade Stands and Exhibits:
    Use these chairs to create a modern, professional look that draws attention to your products or displays.
  • Outdoor Events:
    For garden parties or outdoor functions, ghost chairs can add a touch of elegance without overpowering the natural setting.
  • Garden Parties:
    Blend the chairs with the garden’s natural elements for a chic and harmonious look.

Plastic chair hire from BE Event Hire are an excellent choice for event organisers looking to add a unique, stylish, and practical element to their event furniture. Whether you’re organising a corporate event, a trade show, or a casual garden party, these chairs offer the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality to make your event stand out. Remember, the right furniture hire can transform an event space; ghost chairs are a sure-fire way to achieve that transformation.

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