New Wooden Chair Hire for Weddings and Events in 2024

When planning a wedding or any event in 2024, one key element that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal is the choice of seating. The right chairs provide comfort for your guests and contribute significantly to your event’s overall ambience. BE Event Furniture Hire presents an impressive selection of wooden chairs perfect for weddings and events in 2024 that evoke warmth, rustic charm, and sophistication.

New Wooden Chair Hire for Weddings and Events in 2024 - BE Event Furniture Hire

Cane Back Wooden Chair

The BE Furniture Cane Back Wooden Chairs are crafted for heavy commercial use, boasting strength and robustness that ensure longevity. These chairs feature a natural wood finish and an elegant cane back design, ideal for creating a rustic and inviting atmosphere. Their durability makes them a preferred choice for wedding and event venues, with the benefit of being easily accessorised to fit any colour scheme. Moreover, their stackable design offers an efficient solution for seating many guests while conserving space when stored. Designed to complement rustic trestle tables, these chairs seamlessly merge functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Cane Back Wooden Chairs Dimensions:

Height: 97 cm
Width: 42 cm (at widest point)
Seat Height: 46 cm
Seat Depth: 41.5 cm

Limewash Crossback Chairs

For those who admire the limewash Chiavari chairs but prefer the contemporary crossback style, the limewash finished cross-back chair is impeccable. These chairs exude elegance and are available with an additional white or ivory seat pad for enhanced comfort. Compatible with rustic trestle and distressed limewash tables, they offer versatility for indoor and outdoor events, provided the weather is dry and sunny. Their stackable feature ensures easy storage and is also available in a traditional brown cross-back variant.

Crossback Chair Dimensions:

Height: 87 cm
Width: 46 cm
Seat Height: 45 cm (before seat pad)

Cane Back Louis Chair

The BE Furniture Cane Back Louis Chairs are designed for heavy commercial use and feature a robust wood-effect resin frame and cane-back design. These chairs are perfect for creating a rustic yet inviting atmosphere for wedding venues, hotels, and restaurants. Their stackable construction makes them a practical choice for accommodating large gatherings, and they come with a removable seat cushion for added comfort. Like the other offerings, these chairs are designed to complement rustic trestle tables, enhancing any event’s overall look and feel.

Cane Back Louis Chairs Dimensions:

Height: 96 cm
Width: 48 cm (at widest point)
Seat Height: 49 cm
Seat Depth: 46 cm

Bentwood Wooden Chairs

Available in Elm, Dark, and Limewash finishes, the BE Furniture Bentwood Wooden Chairs are known for their durability and robust construction. These chairs’ wood finish and bentwood back design make them ideal for events seeking to create a warm and rustic ambience. Their stackable feature provides a practical, aesthetically pleasing and space-efficient seating solution. These chairs are suitable for rustic trestle tables and offer versatility and style for any wedding or event.

Bentwood Wooden Chair Dimensions:

Height: 91.5 cm
Width: 43 cm (at widest point)
Seat Height: 46 cm
Seat Depth: 40 cm

BE Event Furniture Hire’s selection of wooden chairs for 2024 combines durability, style, and practicality, offering a range of options to fit any wedding or event theme. With their natural finishes, robust constructions, and versatile designs, these chairs are sure to contribute significantly to the success and ambience of your event. Whether you’re planning a rustic, elegant, or contemporary setting, our wedding furniture hire provides the perfect seating solutions to elevate your event to the next level.


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